Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Top 4 Myths about Fibromyalgia and Their Corresponding Facts

The myths about fibromyalgia is as vague as the location of the pain of fibromyalgia patients suffer. The are so many unanswered questions regarding fibromyalgia it is hard to differentiate fact from fiction in terms of fibromyalgia. Here are several myths about fibromyalgia which I will let you decide fact from fiction.

1) Fibromyalgia is not a legitimate sickness and only happens in your head.

This ludicrous statement had been around ever since the first instance of fibromyalgia. Back then there were many fibromyalgia patients which were told the pain they felt were all psychosomatic. Only in late 1980 did the medical community coined the phrase fibromyalgia. The American College of Rheumatology published a study which uses "fibromyalgia" to illustrate the condition where one feels pain in their muscles. Even in this 21st century, there are still doctors that diagnose fibromyalgia patients as having a mental disorder when it comes to their pain.

In 1992, WHO includes fibromyalgia as a chronic condition in their annual International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

The fact that ever since the dawn of time fibromyalgia has been around to trigger pain in men. As long as people have stress, social anxiety and a bad lifestyle, fibromyalgia will be around to cause great pain to these people

2) It is difficult for fibromyalgia patients to have a great romantic life.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you will know fibromyalgia pain can be so unbearable you can't even get out of bed. You start to lose the ability to connect with the people around you and your life. The fact is it is even more important for you to appreciate the people around you if you suffer from fibromyalgia. Make sure you tell your family and friends about fibromyalgia as they will be able to give you support to battle this disease with various fibromyalgia treatments. You should know by now family support is imperative in battling any condition. This is especially true when it comes to fighting fibromyalgia. Most of the time, this condition might be able to unite you and your family even closer. It might be a very hard journey but the results can be satisfying.

3) It is not advisable for fibromyalgia patients to have intercourse.

Due to the nature of their agonizing pain, fibromyalgia patients might not be able to have an intimate moment with their significant other. However, with that said, as long as you have a tolerant partner who is willing to help you overcome this hurdle, sex can bring wonders in treating your fibromyalgia. As soon as you start engaging in intercourse, you will discover your appetite for sex increases. If your life partner is willing to get involved in your treatment as well, your sex would be phenomenal. That is all you need to know on this topic.

4) You need to go on a strict diet if you suffer from fibromyalgia.

This myth is one of the more accurate ones. If you are a fibromyalgia patient it is important you stay away from carbohydrates and additives. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy sweetness as you can substitute sugar with xylitol, whey low and stevia. Make sure you go through all labels of food. In grocery terms, just avoid going to the middle aisles of the grocery store where all the sugary items are. This fact is very important to fibromyalgia patients. Other foods that can trigger a fibromyalgia episode include foods with MSG and processed items.

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